Capsule Wardrobe Winter 2019 – Week 3

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Dear readers, I really enjoyed my christmas vacation but adjusting to work life again was kind of hard. Even though I managed to keep on posting my daily outfits on my Instagram Account the weekly overviews were pushed to the side. Thus, you are getting the outfits of week 3 with one week delay. The […]

Rediscovery – Burdastyle Vest

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I have to admit that selecting the garments for my Winter Capsule Wardrobe has not been that easy. As a first step I added my absolute favourite pieces that also work for the season. But with only those pieces my wardrobe would have been quite empty. In addition, I wanted to test the suitability of […]

Sewing List – Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2019/2020

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  On Instagram many have already posted their Make Nine lists for 2020. I have to admit that I can’t plan that far ahead and also don’t want to. My goal is to make a list of missing pieces for each new capsule wardrobe, which equals every 3 months. In my current Winter Capsule Wardrobe […]

Capsule Wardrobe Winter 2019

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Capsule Wardrobes are hardly anything new. Many bloggers are currently talking about it and I have already been thinking about trying my hands at one for a along time. I first came into contact with capsule wardrobes through the blog Un-Fancy. Caronline Joy used to have a seasonal capsule wardrobe that was adaptated to the […]

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