Nautical Stripes – Skirt Calais

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Affiliate Links Now the finished skirt has been a long time coming … It was sewn very quickly, but unfortunately I didn’t find the time to write a blog post. Right now it is still quite stressful because we are going through a 3-month consultation for our Zero Waste online shop, which currently costs a […]

Sewing Instructions – Skirt Calais

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Dear readers, I hope you have your pattern pieces ready, because today we continue with the sewing instructions for the skirt Calais. I tried to illustrate the instructions as best I could. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments. For the skirt you will need 2x the skirt […]

Project of the Month April – Skirt Calais

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Affiliate Links Welcome to the April sewing project! Such a wrap skirt is an absolute classic and easy to sew and construct. For me, a wrap skirt is the perfect quick warm weather sewing project that we hope to have soon. A wrap skirt allows a variety of design options, so I’ve collected a few […]

A little bit of spring – Skirt Bouton

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Affiliate Links Sorry that the finished skirt was a bit long in coming. The weather just didn’t play along for photos lately and then we also completely redesigned our Zero Waste Shop, which took a lot of time 😅 Sometimes I think I have to be crazy to start such an extensive monthly project, but […]

Pattern Drafting – Skirt Bouton

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Let’s start with the pattern construction of the skirt Bouton! The sewing project of the month, the skirt Bouton, is moderately difficult to construct and therefore more suitable for advanced hobby sewists. For the pattern construction you need a perfectly fitting basic skirt sloper. How you can tailor the basic skirt block perfectly to you, […]

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