Me-Made-Mittwoch 16. Oktober 2013

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Skirts are certainly the type of garment that I sew most often. Mainly because they can be quickly sewn and I also enjoy wearing them, as seen here, here and here. I also quite like today’s skirt as it is a little unusual with its double layer, even though it makes it more difficult to […]

Me-Made Outfit 24. Juli 2013

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The good thing about showing my selfmade things and outfits is that I have to come up with new outfits every time. Due to this I’m finally wearing some selfmade things that have spent too much time unworn in the closet. This was also the destiny of this skirt. Somehow I never knew how to […]

Me-Made-Mittwoch 19. Juni 2013

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Today’s outfit was inspired by a photo on Pinterest. After seeing this picture, I was certain that I needed a flower skirt. I quickly looked in my fabric stash and found this cotton fabric that has been in there for 4-5 years. Last weekend I turned the fabric into this pleated skirt. You can find […]

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