Me-Made-Mittwoch 22. Januar 2014

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As work is extremely busy right now, my contribution to today’s Me-Made-Wednesday is a little late. A lot more and certainly more timely contributions to the Me-Made-Wednesday can be found on the associated blog. _________________________________________________________________________________________ OUTFIT Jacket: me-made pattern 123 Burda September 2008 T-Shirt: H & M Necklace: Tokyo Jane via brands4friends Bracelet: Tokyo Jane […]

Me-Made-Mittwoch 09. Oktober 2013

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After I skipped the Me-Made-Mittwoch last week, I’m being overambitious this week by wearing fully me-made. This jacket and the jersey dress are probably the 2 me-made pieces that I’m wearing the most. I’ve already shown the jacket here and this was for sure not the last time that you have seen the dress on […]

Me-Made-Mittwoch 04. September 2013

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I’m not 100% happy with today’s me-made jacket. I’m still in love with its shape but the fabric choice as well as the fit are not to my liking. The fabric is a cotton cotelé which is basically a heavy jersey with an interesting structure. Unfortunately, this fabric attracts lint from a mile away. The […]

Me-Made-Mittwoch 28. August 2013

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Yeah, the Me-Made-Mittwoch is finally back from its summer break and from today on a lot of me-made outfits can be found on the blog again. Thanks again to Anna for organizing the Sweeat Summer Sewing during this break!   As my photographer is currently on vacation, I had to take the pictures myself. Unfortunately, […]

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