Pattern Drafting – Part 1 Modifications Skirt Sloper

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When you ask hobby sewists why they started sewing, you often hear the desire for perfectly fitting clothes that you cannot find in the store. Since ready-made patterns only offer the same range of standardized clothing sizes as off-the-peg fashion, you will inevitably have the same problem here. At least until you know how to […]

Pattern drafting – All about Ruffles & Flounces

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Ruffles have been decorating garments since the Renaissance and are therefore one of the oldest design elements in fashion. Ruffles are also an indispensable part of today’s fashion, because they give clothes additional extravagance and a touch of romance. Whether on the collar, sleeve or skirt hem, ruffles are a simple means of spicing up […]

Project of the Month January – Skirt Fleury

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Affiliate Links To get started with pattern construction, I have chosen a rather simple project, but one with many options for individual adaptation. The skirt with ruffles is suitable for advanced beginners, both in terms of sewing and pattern construction. So that you can easily share your sewing projects with all of us according to […]

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