Me-Made-Mittwoch 11. September 2013

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Due to the inconsistent weather, today’s photo shooting had to happen very quickly during a rain break. Since the details of my new skirt and my first piece of the Mini Wardrobe Challenge are not that visible, I added pictures of the skirt on my dress form below. Even though the skirt wrinkles easily (as […]

Me-Made-Mittwoch 04. September 2013

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I’m not 100% happy with today’s me-made jacket. I’m still in love with its shape but the fabric choice as well as the fit are not to my liking. The fabric is a cotton cotelé which is basically a heavy jersey with an interesting structure. Unfortunately, this fabric attracts lint from a mile away. The […]

Me-Made-Mittwoch 28. August 2013

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Yeah, the Me-Made-Mittwoch is finally back from its summer break and from today on a lot of me-made outfits can be found on the blog again. Thanks again to Anna for organizing the Sweeat Summer Sewing during this break!   As my photographer is currently on vacation, I had to take the pictures myself. Unfortunately, […]

Floral Explosion Skirt

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Do you know the feeling when you are halfway done with a DIY-project, try it on and don’t want to take it off anymore because you love it so much? When you have to force yourself to take it off so you can actually finish it? That’s basically what happened with this skirt. I had […]

Me-Made Outfit 01. August 2013

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Dear readers,   this week has been quite filled up with work and in addition, I will been gone the whole weekend again (and of course I still have not packed my luggage). That’s why you are just getting a quick sign of life from me with a new me-made outfit. I finished the top […]

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