Me-Made-Mittwoch 06.November 2013

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As is known, I’m quite a big fan of Pinterest and love to fill my pinboards with DIY-projects, outfit ideas and much more. So it comes as no surprise that today’s outfit was also inspired by a photo on Pinterest. My chain of thought was something like this… denim blouse… I got one… leo cardigan… […]

Me-Made-Mittwoch 23. Oktober 2013

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As today’s outfit shows, I can basically wear anything at work, meaning there is no dress code whatsoever. Of course, this makes getting dressed in the morning much easier. However, I never know what to wear during the weekends and in my free time, because I just wore everything not too long ago at work. […]

Me-Made-Mittwoch 16. Oktober 2013

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Skirts are certainly the type of garment that I sew most often. Mainly because they can be quickly sewn and I also enjoy wearing them, as seen here, here and here. I also quite like today’s skirt as it is a little unusual with its double layer, even though it makes it more difficult to […]

Me-Made-Mittwoch 09. Oktober 2013

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After I skipped the Me-Made-Mittwoch last week, I’m being overambitious this week by wearing fully me-made. This jacket and the jersey dress are probably the 2 me-made pieces that I’m wearing the most. I’ve already shown the jacket here and this was for sure not the last time that you have seen the dress on […]

Mini Wardrobe 2013 – Done!

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I made it and finished my Mini Wardrobe just in time, even though it was quite tight in the end. Without this contest I never would have finished so many garments in so little time. Since I have been gone during the last 2 weekends, it was very tight time wise and I had to […]

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