Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe – October 2022

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After the concept of the monthly Capsule Wardrobe worked so well for me in September, I also put together a Capsule Wardrobe for October. For October, I’ve added a lot more warm pieces to my wardrobe, like turtlenecks and cardigans made of wool. I was a little short of that at the end of September. […]

Capsule Wardrobe – September Round-Up

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September has been over for a few days now, so it’s high time to draw a conclusion about my Capsule Wardrobe. All in all, I was very happy with my choice of clothes for the month. Almost all the garments were worn several times, only the khaki wrap blouse was a bit of a mistake. […]

Capsule Wardrobe – September 2022

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In September, I’m starting a new trial with a monthly Capsule Wardrobe. I already tested the principle of the monthly Capsule Wardrobe at the beginning of the year and it works much better for me than the 3-monthly version I tried earlier. It might be surprising, but the less, I have in my wardrobe, the […]

Capsule Wardrobe – February 2022

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Last year I felt like I had lost my style and was unsure what I really wanted to wear. Two years of pandemic, home office and professional ups and downs were not entirely innocent. This also led to me losing my Sewjo last year, because I couldn’t really get excited about new sewing projects. Nevertheless, […]

Capsule Wardrobe Fall 2020

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Affiliate Links This fall I’m trying my hand on another capsule wardrobe. Admittedly, I have not been very successful in posting the outfits of my summer capsule but I have been quite successful wearing it 😉 And that’s all that matters in the end. By now, I’m quite practiced in getting dressed every day from […]

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