Sewing + Fashionista = Sewionista

I started sewing as a kid when I inherited my mom’s old sewing machine. My first sewing projects were clothes for my barbie dolls. During 2 sewing courses I finally started sewing clothing for myself. After high school I did a 3 year apprenticeship in dressmaking, because I always wanted to become a fashion designer. But after the apprenticeship I decided for a more substantial study course and ended up studying Textile and Clothing Management. Now I work as a marketing manager in the fashion industry but still like to sew my own clothes during the weekends as a  creative outlet. Even though I absolutely love fashion, I don’t like the way most fashion is produced and don’t want to wear what everybody else is wearing. That’s why I want to show here how easy it is to do it yourself!

Welcome to my DIY and fashion adventures!

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