September has been over for a few days now, so it’s high time to draw a conclusion about my Capsule Wardrobe. All in all, I was very happy with my choice of clothes for the month. Almost all the garments were worn several times, only the khaki wrap blouse was a bit of a mistake. Somehow it is not such an everyday piece for me and with the low neckline I don’t feel so comfortable with it in everyday life. So I’m going to follow your very good advice and add this piece to my little going out wardrobe. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to finish the brown denim jacket in time. Despite a sewing circle in September…. but sometimes you just want to talk about sewing rather than actually sewing. The sewing circle organised by @sew.suse was definitely a highlight for me this month and I hope to make it to more dates in the coming months.

Here comes the summary of my September oufits. I have marked my favourite oufit of the week. All in all, I felt very comfortable in the outfits, with a few exceptions. A small, fine Capsule Wardrobe definitely helps to try new combinations and to move outside your own comfort zone. You could probably manage with less than 18 pieces, as I could only wear a fraction of the possible outfits this month.

In the first week it was still quite summery, so a T-shirt with a thin jacket was enough here. My favourite outfit was right from the first day. The combination of sporty jacket, striped shirt and jeans is just my thing.

In the second week, I especially liked my outfit with the suede wrap dress. With the high suede boots, it reminded me of the 60s. It was exactly this vintage touch that I liked most about it.

In the third week, it slowly became autumnally cold, so the cream-coloured cardigan was often worn over it. I liked the outfit with vintage touches the most. The denim skirt with the striped jumper and the high boots reminded me a lot of 70s fashion.

The flowered blouse with stand-up collar from Fibre Mood’s Victoria pattern was finished in time for September. Unfortunately, I haven’t managed to photograph it for a blog post yet. Actually, I had planned a lot more outfits with the blouse, but since I don’t wear my new pieces until the photos are in the can, I didn’t pull it out until the end of the month. I hope I’ll get around to photographing it soon and present it to you here.

Overall, I’m very pleased that I managed to dress in my Capsule Wardrobe for the entire month and document the outfits as well. Actually, I had planned more outfit pictures, but in everyday life it’s difficult to take photos regularly. So the drawings had to suffice. I was a little surprised that I liked the outfits with a slight vintage touch the best. I’ve always liked the fashion of the 60s to 70s, but until now I’ve been rather cautious about incorporating it into my outfits.

Admittedly, I got a bit bored with my capsule in the 4th week, so it’s high time for a new compilation for October 😉 I will present my new capsule here tomorrow.