After the concept of the monthly Capsule Wardrobe worked so well for me in September, I also put together a Capsule Wardrobe for October. For October, I’ve added a lot more warm pieces to my wardrobe, like turtlenecks and cardigans made of wool. I was a little short of that at the end of September. The colours are a little darker with cream, camel, cognac and a little denim blue. The whole thing is completed with a little black and white, the basic colours par excellence.

This time I didn’t leave any room for newly sewn pieces that will be created during the month. The only exception is the brown denim jacket, which is already half finished and I had already planned for September. On the one hand, I didn’t really get to sew in September and on the other hand, I need comfortable basics for the home and warm jackets and coats. That’s what I want to concentrate on sewing-wise in October. My wardrobe also has more than enough to create a complete capsule. I have another 2 weeks of holiday in October, which I hope to spend mainly at the sewing machine. Therefore, I will probably not wear my capsule the whole month of October, but switch to comfortable “homewear” in between.

Here are my 18 pieces for October:


  1. Longsleeve off-white – me-made, Rio Ringer Tee from True Bias made with organic cotton jersey from Siebenblau
  2. Longsleeve black/white striped – COS, 2nd Hand via Momox Fashion
  3. Longsleeve black – Uniqlo, 2nd Hand via Momox Fashion
  4. Turtleneck off-white – Uniqlo, 2nd Hand via Momox Fashion
  5. Sweatshirt off-white – me-made, Burdastyle #129 08/2013
  6. Flannel shirt white/black check – Calvin Klein, 2nd Hand via Mauerpark fleamarket
  7. Turtleneck black – 2nd Hand via Humana
  8. Cardigan black – me-made, Marlo Sweater from True Bias made with organic cotton knit jersey from Siebenblau
  9. Coatigan camel – me-made with my own pattern, fabric from Maybachufer
  10. Denim jacket brown – still needs to be finished, Burda #7018, fabric from Maybachufer
  11. Biker jacket black – Mango (old)
  12. Skinny Jeans white – Uniqlo (old)
  13. Skinny Jeans light blue – Uniqlo, 2nd Hand via Momox Fashion
  14. Skinny Jeans black – Uniqlo, 2nd Hand via Momox Fashion
  15. Corduroy skirt brown – me-made, Sewionista Patterns skirt Merris, organic cotton corduroy from Siebenblau
  16. Leopard skirt – me-made with my own pattern, fabric 2nd hand via eBay
  17. Midirock black-white – me-made, pattern no. 114 Burdastyle 05/2020, fabric from Buttinette
  18. Suede dress– 2nd Hand vom Flohmarkt

Of the 18 pieces, 8 are self-made, 8 were bought 2nd hand and 2 are older fast fashion pieces. And 6 of the pieces should already look familiar to you, as they were already part of my September Capsule. I will show a part of my outfits on my Instagram Account again and the sketch of my respective outfit every day. And have you ever tried your hand at a Capsule Wardrobe?