Last year I felt like I had lost my style and was unsure what I really wanted to wear. Two years of pandemic, home office and professional ups and downs were not entirely innocent. This also led to me losing my Sewjo last year, because I couldn’t really get excited about new sewing projects. Nevertheless, one or the other closet creep emerged, because I let myself be influenced too much by Instagram and fashion trends. At the end of the year, I sat down and thought about where I wanted to go with my style. Looking through old Instagram posts, I realised that I actually still like a lot of things today. It was just partly sewn from the wrong fabric or in the wrong colour. Since a capsule wardrobe and limiting myself to fewer garments has helped me to be more creative with my clothes in the past, I wanted to try again.

This time, however, I decided to use monthly capsules. The previous 3-month variant had the disadvantage that there were strong temperature fluctuations within the period. I also got bored with the capsule after about half the time, so it felt like I always wore the same thing. I’ve since come to terms with the fact that I’m just not a fashion minimalist. đŸ€·â€â™€ïž That’s why I’m perfectly okay with owning more pieces in total than I might have with a strict capsule system. I tested the principle of the monthly capsule wardrobe back in January and it was just right for me. By refreshing my wardrobe every month, the joy of my capsule remained. Since I had planned for a total of 8 pieces that were only in my head wardrobe until now, I also had a great desire to sew again, otherwise I would have run out of outfits. So I made 6 of these pieces in December and January. It is also planned for the next capsule wardrobes that they are not yet complete, but will be supplemented with me-made pieces during the month. Some basics will certainly be repeated every month, but by exchanging several pieces, the desire to find new combinations will certainly remain.

Here are my 18 pieces for February:

  1. White blouse – Uniqlo (old)
  2. Slim turtleneck sweater off-white – Uniqlo, 2nd Hand via Momox Fashion
  3. Wide turtleneck sweater off-white – Uniqlo (old)
  4. Cardigan dark red – me-made, True Bias Marlo Sweater
  5. Turtleneck shirt white-grey striped – me-made, True Bias Nikko Top
  6. Sweater black-white melange – COS, 2nd Hand via Momox Fashion
  7. Turtleneck shirt dark red – still needs to be sewn, True Bias Nikko Top
  8. BouclĂ© crop top black-white – me-made, Burdastyle February 2014 Nr. 111
  9. Slim turtleneck sweater black – 2nd Hand, bought at Humana
  10. Check jacket grey – me-made, Burda #7018
  11. Biker vest black – Calvin Klein, 2nd Hand Momox Fashion
  12. Coatigan grey – me-made, Sewionista Patterns Coatigan Alette
  13. Knit dress grey – me-made, Burdastyle January 2019 Nr. 111
  14. Pinafore dress black – still needs to be sewn, Fibre Mood Dagny
  15. Skinny Jeans light blue – Uniqlo (alt)
  16. Skinny Jeans black – Uniqlo, 2nd Hand via Momox Fashion
  17. Wool skirt grey – me-made, Burdastyle January 2015 Nr. 109
  18. BouclĂ© skirt black-white – me-made, Patrones 311 pattern 18

The colours of my February capsule are classic black, white and grey with a touch of denim blue and bordeaux to add some colour. The plan is that each capsule wardrobe will have a slightly different colour scheme, which should also help against boredom. All it really takes is 2 coloured pieces and a few accessories in the same colour. I will present the newly sewn pieces in detail again soon. Keep your fingers crossed that I will manage the 2 missing pieces in February for a maximum choice of possible outfits 😉 I will show a part of my outfits again on my Instagram account and daily the sketch of my respective outfit. What do you think of capsule wardrobes? Have you tried it out yourselves?