Castle Charlottenburg, Berlin

I can never watch when useful fabric is simply thrown away. So it happened that at one of my previous jobs I scored 2 light blue linen curtains that were damaged in the warehouse. Today’s wrap blouse is the first piece made from this great linen fabric. More pieces are sure to follow, because I still have tons of fabric left 😀 I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the patterns by Fibre Mood. On the one hand, I’m always totally annoyed by the flood of advertising posts that take over my Instagram feed with every new issue. On the other hand, I quite like the patterns and I think they are closer to the trends than Burdastyle patterns, for example. It can of course also be that I see them so much on Instagram & Co. that I just have to have them 😉 I think the PDF patterns themselves are terrible! It’s just a confusing mess of lines because Fibre Mood is apparently trying to please everyone. As a result, a lot of size lines meet additional seam lines for the included seam allowance and at the end you have to print out 40+ pages and then you can throw away half. The instructions, on the other hand, are first class and you can easily follow step by step and have a finished piece in your hands in a relatively short time. I’m also enthusiastic about the fit. In total I have now sewn 3 garments with Fibre Mood patterns and they all fit right away. And how is your experience with the Fibre Mood patterns?

EDIT: Thanks to Sam Sunsetrend I now know that the patterns of Fibre Mood are in layers and you can hide other sizes and seam allowances. So I was just acting stupid 🤦‍♀️



Wrap blouse: me-made, Fibre Mood Paris
Jeans: Zara
Ring: Vintage
Straw bag: Zara, 2nd Hand via Momox Fashion
Ballet flats: & Other Stories, 2nd Hand via Momox Fashion


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