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Sorry that the finished skirt was a bit long in coming. The weather just didn’t play along for photos lately and then we also completely redesigned our Zero Waste Shop, which took a lot of time 😅 Sometimes I think I have to be crazy to start such an extensive monthly project, but then I see your versions on Instagram and your reports that you finally dared to start pattern drafting and I am motivated to continue. The next sewing project will continue on Sunday. 🙂 By the way, the skirt was created during a virtual sewing circle with Carola from NĂ€hkatze and Dana from Feinstöfflich. It was so nice to chat and sew together again. It showed me how much I miss these meetings! Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for a bit of normality đŸ€ž

Here again the blog posts about Skirt Merris in hierarchical order:

Presentation of the project of the month & design and fabric ideas

Pattern Modification

Sewing Instructions

And what is your version of the Skirt Bouton doing?




Blouse: Paul Costelloe
Skirt with pleats: me-made, skirt Bouton, free tutorial here
Bag: Burberry, 2nd Hand via Vite en Vogue
Booties: Zign, 2nd Hand via Vinted


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