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Welcome to the March sewing project! The idea for this skirt had haunted my head for a long time, the trigger was this photo on Pinterest. I originally planned to add a waistband to the skirt, but since Fibre Mood released a very similar pattern with the Alix skirt recently, I made a few changes. Actually, I’m very happy that I have revised the pattern, because I really like the high waist, which opens into folds, and emphasizes the narrowest part of my body. Since a high waist is certainly not for everyone, I have collected a few design ideas for you below. How do you like this skirt? So that you can share your sewing projects with all of us according to these instructions, I have named the skirt “Bouton” and all projects are collected under the hashtag #SewionistaBouton. The best thing to do is to tag me @sewionista so that I can easily find your work and post it in my stories. As the name suggests, Bouton has a button placket on the front. In addition, it has a raised waist and the darts are moved into the folds. The skirt has seam pockets, as pockets simply cannot be missing from a skirt;). Next Sunday I’ll show you how to construct this skirt with the help of a basic skirt sloper.

[stextbox id=”black”]Level of difficulty: ●●○○○

New pattern drafting techniques:

  • High Waist
  • Button placket
  • Inseam pockets
  • Pleats


There are also many different design options for the skirt Bouton. You can easily leave out the button placket and sew a zipper on the back for a normal pleated skirt. You can also leave the waist at normal height and add a waistband. Or you can leave out the folds and sew a narrow skirt with a high waist. An A-line version with a waistband is also possible. I have put together a few ideas for you here, but there really are no limits to your imagination.

So that you can construct and sew your own skirt Merris, you need a well-fitting basic skirt sloper. In my shop you will find a basic skirt sloper in sizes XXS – 4XL (EU 32-48, US 2-18, UK 6-22), which you can print out as a PDF or have it plotted. So that the basic skirt sloper fits you perfectly, I have put together the most common adjustments in this and this blog post. In addition to the basic skirt pattern, you need 2x the length + 10 cm for the seam allowances with a fabric width of at least 140 cm for a fabric with a little stand. Medium-weight fabrics are suitable for Bouton. For the summer I can very well imagine the skirt made of linen or cotton. Made from denim, on the other hand, the skirt becomes an all-year staple. Classic patterns such as stripes or gingham would also look great on this pattern. I’m going to sew the skirt out of a cotton sateen that I’ve had in my inventory for a long time for this skirt. In addition, you need 2 cm buttons and about 20 cm of thin Vlieseline H180 as well as some lining material if you want to line the skirt.

Suitable Fabrics

Here is the schedule again at a glance:

  • March 14 Pattern construction skirt Bouton
  • March 21 Sewing instructions for skirt Bouton
  • March 28 Presentation skirt Bouton

Fancy sewing your own version of the skirt Bouton this month? Feel free to write your plans in the comments.

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