Dear readers, I hope you have your pattern pieces ready, because today we continue with the sewing instructions for the skirt Bouton. I tried to illustrate the instructions as best I could. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments.

For the skirt you will need 2x the skirt length + 10 cm for the seam allowance with a fabric width of 1.4 – 1.5 m. It is best to cut the fabric as shown above. I like to fold the fabric twice on the button placket, this gives the required strength without the need to use interfacing. Since my button placket is 4 cm wide, I add 2 x 4 cm at the front. The front and back facings are covered with a thin interfacing.

Sew the front and back pleats together from the waist to the former end of the dart. Iron the folds and place them towards the front or center back. Fix the folds with a basting stitch.

Neaten the seam allowance at the pocket opening on the pocket bags. Place the pocket bags right sides together on the front and back skirt and sew them together along the pocket opening. It is important that you do not sew the seam allowance. Place the front and back pocket bags right sides together, close the pocket bags and serge them together.

Close the side seams above and below the pockets. Be careful not to grab the seam allowance of the pocket bag. Overcast the seam allowances individually and iron the seam apart.

Fold in the hem twice and iron firmly. Also fold in the button placket twice and iron on. Then fold the button placket over to the right side and sew on top and bottom. Turn the button placket over to the left and topstitch on the right side 4 cm from the front edge. Snap in the seam allowance at the waist. Then stitch the hem close to the edge from the right side.

Put the front and back parts of the facing right sides together and close the side seams. Iron the seam allowance apart. Sew the facing to the skirt pieces along the top edge. Iron the seam allowances on the upper edge into the facing and stitch in place close to the edge.

Secure the facing to the skirt at the pleats and side seams. Sew the buttonholes and sew on the buttons. Optionally, you can add belt loops and a fabric belt to your skirt.

And your skirt Bouton is ready! I wish you good sewing success 🙂

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