Dear readers, I hope you have your pattern pieces ready, because today we continue with the sewing instructions for the skirt Merris. I tried to illustrate the instructions as best I could. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments.

For the skirt you will need 1x the skirt length + 10 cm for the seam allowance with a fabric width of 1.4 – 1.5 m. It is best to cut the fabric as shown above. The front and back yoke parts as well as the facings are covered with a thin interfacing.

Lay the front and back yoke pieces and the facing pieces right sides together. Close the side seams on the yoke and facing. Iron the seam allowance apart.

Place the pocket bags right sides together on the front skirt parts and sew them together along the pocket opening. Turn the pocket bag inside out and topstitch on the right side. Place the bag parts right sides together on the pocket bags, close the pocket bags and neaten them together. Secure the pockets at the side seam and top edge with large stitches.

Close the center back and leave an opening of 12 cm for the zipper with a zipper length of 20 cm. Reinforce the zip opening with narrow strips of interfacing within the seam allowance. Overcast the seam allowances individually and iron the seam apart. Lay the front and back skirt pieces together and sew the side seams together.

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Sewing the Zipper:

In the center back, mark the seam line at the zip opening with colored thread. Sew in the seam-fine zipper as follows: Close the zipper completely, fold over the allowances on the upper edge and mark with cross needles. Measure the required length and mark it with cross needles. Open the zipper and pin it at the top and bottom markings on the skirt. Sew with large stitches and the normal presser foot to the outer edge of the zipper so that the zipper meets the colored marking. Then sew the zipper as close as possible along the teeth with the help of a special foot for seam-fine zippers.


Snip the seam allowance in the middle of the front skirt pieces. Sew the yoke pieces to the skirt pieces.

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Sewing the Lining:

Sew the centre back seam together on the lining, leave the zip opening open. Leave an opening of 14 cm for the zipper with a zipper length of 20 cm. Close the side seams on the lining parts, neaten them together and iron backwards. Iron the lining hem 3 cm upwards and fold it in to 1.5 cm. Stitch tightly on the right side. Sew the lining to the facing. Neaten the seam allowances together and iron them up.


Sew the facing to the yoke pieces  along the top edge. Iron the seam allowances on the upper edge into the facing and stitch in place close to the edge. Secure the facing to the skirt at the side seams.

Fold the edges of the facing/lining on the zipper and sew on by hand. Iron the hem up and sew it by hand with blind stitches.

And your skirt Merris is ready! I wish you good sewing success 🙂

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