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In fact, it just happens that skirts are the perfect starting project for pattern construction. After all, I am a passionate skirt wearer and have already worn my new Skirt Merris several times. My love for skirts goes so far that a former boss once asked me if I was fine, because I have not worn a skirt in the whole week 😀 I really wear skirts all year round, only in the transition period, if I don’t feel like wearing tights anymore, I prefer pants. Even if my version made of wool is more suitable for autumn/winter, the Skirt Merris also works for the rest of the year, if you sew it e.g. from denim or linen. For the next 2 months, the blog will be all about skirts and next Sunday I’ll be introducing you to the next monthly project.

Here again the blog posts about Skirt Merris in hierarchical order:

Presentation of the project of the month & design- and fabric ideas

Pattern Modification

Sewing Instructions

And what is your version of the Skirt Merris doing?




Leather jacket: Mango (old)
Merino sweater: Uniqlo (old)
Check skirt: me-made skirt Merris, free tutorial here
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim, 2nd Hand via Soeur Berlin
Booties: Zign, 2nd Hand via Vinted


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