Today I’ll show you my version of the skirt Fleury. I really love it and have worn it many times, even if it is almost a bit thin for the winter with the viscose fabric. The oversize turtleneck and the thermal tights compensate for that. 😉 The black and white floral print works for me all year round and so I will certainly wear the skirt often in spring and summer. I am very happy that after a long search I found a suitable second-hand fabric on eBay, so I was able to stay true to my resolution to only sew sustainable fabrics.

However, I made an absolute beginner’s mistake in terms of pattern construction with this skirt. Usually, my measurements are always very constant and therefore I haven’t checked my basic pattern again. Apparently, I had some lockdown pounds on my ribs when I made the basic skirt sloper. Since I was sick for a long time in December, I lost it again, so that the skirt that was quickly sewn down was suddenly much too wide. That meant that I had to open up a lot of seams so that I could adjust the skirt to my new dimensions. Remember, always check the basic pattern again before sewing your version. 😅 Since I still have some fabric left, I plan to add belt loops and a fabric belt. Then it is easier to wear with other belts. And maybe there is even enough material for a matching top. 😃

Here again the blog posts about Rock Fleury in hierarchical order:

Presentation of the project of the month & design and fabric ideas

Pattern modification

Sewing instructions

And what is your version of Rock Fleury doing?




Turtleneck sweater: 2nd Hand via Humana
Floral skirt: me-made, skirt Fleury, free tutorial here
Beret: Zara, 2nd Hand via Ubup
Bag: Balenciaga City Bag, 2nd Hand via Vite en Vogue
Boots: Zara, 2nd Hand via Ubup


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