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Museum Island, Berlin

… wins the race. I hate to admit it but this trench jacket has been an UFO (UnFinished Object) for more than 10 years. In this time it has been packed and unpacked during several moves as I just couldn’t part with it. After all a trench jacket is a classic piece that fits into any closet.  I actually can’t even tell why it took so long to finish this pieces. At first I screwed up the piped buttonholes in this relatively stiff fabric and it took some time for me to unpick and redo them. Then I didn’t like the buttons anymore and it took 2 shopping trips for new ones until I had settled on the perfect ones. After that I didn’t know what had gotten into me to purchase a polyester lining with floral print. Florals are perfectly fine but I mean POLYESTER?!  I found my dream lining for lots of money at Möller Couture Stoffe. Funnily, the lining is from Roberto Cavalli just like my leopard blouse that I scored 2nd hand. In the end it took 5 weeks witht laptop (the repair took forever) to finally finish this trench jacket. This time I had no excuse like “it is already to cold/warm to wear a trench jacket, no need to get started after all”. Tell, what is your oldest UFO? And what is keeping you from finally finishing it?



Trench jacket: me-made Neue Mode Young Collection pattern M23319
Leopard blouse: Roberto Cavalli (2nd Hand via Humana), similar
Jeans: Vintage Levi’s (2nd Hand via Humana), similar
Bag: PB 0110 (2nd Hand via Soeur Berlin), similar
Sneakers: Adidas Gazelle


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