The first Me-Made-Mittwoch of the new year is traditionally dedicated to the favourite piece of the past year. I always find it fascinating to see the favourite pieces of the other participants and to reflect on past successful makes. Last year I discoverd jumpsuits for myself. Besides the jumpsuit in khaki I sewed romper from black linen fabric for summer. I find getting in and out of a jumpsuit kind of tedious but have to admit that they are super comfortable for hot weather. Additionally, one is always quickly dressed and can be style differently with different accessories.



Turtleneck: 2nd Hand via Humana
Jumpsuit: me-made pattern 23 Knipmode 05/2014
Bag: Vintage Fendi (2nd Hand via Vite en Vogue)
Earrings & ring: “inherited” from my mom
Belt: H&M
Booties: Rag & Bone (2nd Hand via Vite en Vogue)


It felt like I didn’t sew much during the last year. Nevertheless, the summary shows that I actually made a total of 20 pieces:

  • Tops: 9 (5 unblogged)
  • Skirts: 2 (both unblogged)
  • Dresses: 1
  • Jackets: 3 (1 unblogged)
  • Pants: 3 (all unblogged)
  • Jumpsuits: 2
However, I only very few of these pieces here on the blog. The reasons for that were that the some pieces didn’t turn out how I had planned and that I didn’t actually like them. Time constraints were another reasson for my lack of blogging. My goal for 2020 is certainly to blog more again. Lately, I have been able to achieve thiswith my Winter Capsule Wardrobe. I just need to keep this up for the next 12 months 😉
Last year I also wasn’t able to reduce my fabric stash. That’s why this will remain a major goal for this year. An additional incentive is a move that we have planned for the middle of next year. Until then I wish to have sewn up, sorted out and given away as much as possible. Of course, the same goes for clothing, books and other household goods. I don’t want to set a too ambitious goal for this. Nevertheless, I find the current development towards more minimalism quite interesting and as I have already worked to improve into this direction last year I want to continue this development in this year. Especially, I want to continue to buy 2nd hand, if I don’t sew it myself. And what are your goals for the new year?