Capsule Wardrobe Winter 2019-2020 ... ... Sewing ... Slow Fashion ... DIY

Capsule Wardrobes are hardly anything new. Many bloggers are currently talking about it and I have already been thinking about trying my hands at one for a along time. I first came into contact with capsule wardrobes through the blog Un-Fancy. Caronline Joy used to have a seasonal capsule wardrobe that was adaptated to the weather conditions with seasonal pieces. (Unfortunately, Caroline Joy doesn’t follow the concept of a capsule wardrobe anymore but you can find examples in her older posts). I have to admit that I did try to implement a capsule wardrobe into my life before but so far I have failed. The reasons for this was that I hadn’t quite found my style yet and that I was missing key pieces in my wardrobe, particularly basics. As I have written at the beginning of this year, I quite enjoy having less and to focus on what is important to me. A capsule wardrobe thus seems to be the logical end result for my wardrobe.

[stextbox id=”grey”]Definition:

A capsule wardrobe has a minimized amount of timeless garments that never go out of style. Those garments can be combined to numerous outfits. A capsule wardrobe usually consists of 30 to 40 pieces.[/stextbox]


Currently, the blog Use Less has inspired me to give capsule wardrobes another try. Many of the capsule wardrobes shown online are actually too basic for me and are missing feminine pieces. Most of the time those capsules only feature one skirt and one dress.  That’s the reason why I want to try my own capsule wardrobe experiment this winter (from December to February) to test whether this concept can work with my style. During the last weeks I have spent a lot of time with planing and drawing the pieces and outfits of my capsule wardrobe. A few new pieces were added so that my wardrobe is as complete as possible. Some of the added pieces have been bought new, some 2nd hand and some have been sewn. In total I could narrow it down to 30 pieces, which leaves some space for some new me-made pieces. I will show you my sewing list for this winter here soon.

Sportswear, loungewear and undergarments like T-shirts and tops, which are not visible, will not be part of my capsule wardrobe. I’m also not counting my outdoor jacket as this is not really part of my outfits. In addition, I left out accessories such as shoes and bags as they are essential for me to give each outfit its final touch.

Capsule Wardrobe Winter 2019-2020 ... ... Sewing ... Slow Fashion ... DIY

Colour Palette & Prints:

I’m sticking to neutral colours as I prefer to wear muted tones during winter time. The colours range from black, white and grey to denim and khaki. The prints include graphic prints, such as stripes and checks, animal prints, like snakeskin and leopard and dark florals.

Capsule Wardrobe Winter 2019-2020 ... ... Sewing ... Slow Fashion ... DIY


I’m constantly cold during winter time, which means that I need tops that keep me warm even during icy temperatures. During winter time I only wear T-shirts as undergarments and switch to longsleeves when it is not too cold outside and to thick wool sweaters for cold days. I use the blouses and camisole for layering and to add some variety.

  1. Longsleeve white – GOTS certified organic cotton, bought at Aldi
  2. Longsleeve black-white striped – Me-made, pattern no. 106 Burdastyle 02/2011
  3. Camisole black – Me-made, pattern no. 111 Burdastyle 05/2016
  4. Blouses white – I own 2 white blouses, which will be counted as 1 piece, one is from Uniqlo and the other one from Paul Costelloe
  5. Turtleneck cream – Wool from Uniqlo
  6. Wide turtleneck grey – Wool blend, bought 2nd Hand at Humana
  7. Slim turtleneck grey – Merino wool from Uniqlo
  8. Slim turtleneck black – Merino wool, bought 2nd Hand at Humana
  9. Sweater black – Merino wool from Uniqlo
  10. Coatigan grey – Me-made with my own pattern
  11. Coatigan leopard print – Me-made with my own pattern

Capsule Wardrobe Winter 2019-2020 ... ... Sewing ... Slow Fashion ... DIY


Chosing only a few bottoms has been particularly difficult for me. I just love wearing skirts so much but even I had to admit that 3 to 4 black skirts are way too much for a capsule wardrobe. In the end I decided for 3 skirts that complement my everyday pants. For the pants I also tried to find a balance between basics and more trendy styles.

  1. Skinny jeans light blue – Zara
  2. Straight leg denim – Vintage Levi’s,bought 2nd Hand at Humana
  3. Skinny jeans black – Zara
  4. Check pants – Me-made, pattern no. 29 Knipmode
  5. Fake leather leggings black – Zara
  6. Culotte black – Me-made, pattern no. 6 Fashionstyle (bzw. Knipmode) März 2016
  7. Leather shorts black – 2nd Hand
  8. Snakeskin plissee skirt  – Apart, bought 2nd Hand on ebay
  9. Denim skirt black – Me-made, pattern no. 1B Burda Easy SS 2016
  10. Midi skirt with lace – Me-Made, pattern Grande Arche Rock, blogged here

Capsule Wardrobe Winter 2019-2020 ... ... Sewing ... Slow Fashion ... DIY


I have to admit that the floral dress is kind of a unicorn in my winter capsule. However, the floral print always puts me in a good mood even on dreary and grey days and could therefore not be left out. The other pieces are certainly more basic.

  1. Floral dress – Me-made, pattern no. 117 Burdastyle 08/2016, blogged here
  2. Slipdress – Me-made, pattern no. 113 Burdastyle 05/2016, blogged here
  3. Turtleneck knit dress – Merino wool, bought 2nd Hand at Humana
  4. Long vest grey – Me-made, pattern no. 111 Burdastyle 04/2013, blogged here
  5. Army vest – Closed, bought 2nd Hand at Vite en Vogue
  6. Fake fur vest – Zara, bought 2nd Hand atKleiderkreisel
  7. Bomber jacket khaki – Zara, bought 2nd Hand atKleiderkreisel
  8. Biker jacket black – Mango
  9. Blazer black – Hugo Boss, bought 2nd Hand at Vite en Vogue

I will show my daily outfits on my Instagram account and a weekly overview here on the blog. What do you think about capsule wardrobes? Have you tried it yourself?