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Dear readers, I hope that you had a good start into the new year! Today’s post is quite outside the line of what I usually post about as sewing has been the main topic so far. However, it  contains a topic I’ve been thinking quite a lot about lately. My usual posts that are interchangeably pattern reviews or outfits have been boring myself and so I would like to open up the blog to new topics, which are important to me as well. Sustainability has been a topic I’ve been concerned with for quite some time now and I’ve been reading more and more about minimalism lately.

My approach to the things that are surrounding me has completely changed with my move to Berlin. The biggest difficulty was to get everything I own into 1 moving van and to transport it the 500+ km. Especially, to get rid of the built-in kitchen was a nightmare.  Back then I was completely stressed out, even though I should have looked forward to this new part of life. At the time I read Magic Cleaning by Marie Kondo* and even though I only used her methods partly, the book changed how I saw my belongings. It made me aware that they are just things after all that don’t make me happy. Quite the contrary, it felt as if my many things kept me at a place, where I didn’t want to be.

For any hardcore minimalist my apartment is still a nightmare but I only own half of the stuff I used to own before my move. Even though, Marie Kondo’s book makes it seem so simple to sort through your stuff once and never have to deal with it again, it is an ongoing process for me. After all, our lives are constantly changing and our belongings have to be adapted to these changes. Below you can read the 5 advantages more minimalisms has brought into my life:

  1. More time – Less belongings results into less things that need to be tidied up, organized or maintained. Additionally, I now save time that was previously spent searching for something that was lost among my belongings as I had lost the required overview of where everything was at. Now, I have more time to spend for the things that are really important to me and make me happier in the end, sewing for example.
  2. More money – Once I had noticed that less belongings make me more happy, I thoroughly overthink each purchase that I will bring into my apartment. This means that I automatically spend less money for unnecessary stuff and have more money left for the important things in life. This is certainly different for everyone but for me they are travels, experiences, a nice nest egg and investments for retirement.
  3. More tidiness – As a child I just couldn’t tidy my room. I know by now that this was caused by being overwhelmed by the many things that surrounded me. It’s actually quite logical, less things results in less things that need to be tidied up. Of course, it still takes discipline and regular cleaning up to keep the apartment tidy. However, it’s much easier with less stuff. I’m less overwhelmed by the pure amount of stuff and it so much easier for me to give each piece a home and to put it back there every time I use it.
  4. More calmness – Do you know this feeling that you should concentrate on a task but just can’t as you are distracted by the chaos around you. So you end up tidying your place before you can tackle the actual task at hand. To me more tidiness also means more calmness as I’m less stressed and overwhelmed and can concentrate on the important things. And sometimes it just makes me happy to look around my clean home 🙂
  5. More confidence – You might wonder what minimalism has to do with confidence. When we shop or treat ourselves, shopping is often a avoidance strategy. We want to avoid to cope with bad feelings and so we buy something that keeps us distracted from them. Sometimes we just have a bad day or feel insufficient and think that the perfect dress might change that. Since I noticed this, it has become much easier for me to avoid such impulse buying. Before purchasing I now ask myself whether I really need it or am just trying to avoid negative feelings. Additionally, I noticed that I don’t need constantly changing trendy pieces to make me happy. I actually feel the best in  simple but well-made pieces that I can wear in many different ways. Last fall I finally dipped my toe into a capsule wardrobe and the limited amount of garments was really satisfying. More about this when I’m starting my next capsule wardrobe this spring.

By now I have become quite good at sorting my stuff. The division in categories such as sell, donate or discard is also quite easy for me. Nevertheless, I have to admit that I’m really bad at getting rid of these things in a timely manner and thus there are still several filled boxes with things I have already sorted and should have been long gone by now. That’s why I have  made a small challenge for myself in 2019: Every month I will tackle a different category of stuff that needs to be sorted, organized and removed from my apartment. More about my monthly plans for the challenge in the next post.

What’s your take on minimalism? Have you tried it before?


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