Dear readers, I hope that you had a wonderful christmas time with your loved ones. I wish a happy new year – filled with happiness, health, friendship, love. contentment, and many memorable moments that bring you lots of joy!

I’m sorry for abandoning my blog during the last couple of months. I started a new job and totally underestimated the strain of the daily working hours as well as the commute through the whole city of Berlin would put on my free time. During the weekends I was just happy to do nothing at all and even barely managed to sew anything new for myself. But now I feel that I’m excited and inspired to sew again and also blog about it. Thanks a lot also for your requests of my well-being! It’s a good feeling to know that you are missed 🙂

The main goal for 2018 is to blog frequently! The blog even got a make-over for the new year and I hope that you like its new design. In addition, there are several new patterns ready and just waiting to be published. To a successful new year!