Sewing List for Transitional Season
With the help of Polyvore I created my sewing list for the transitional period. My planned transition wardrobe is almost exclusively black and white therefore everything can be easily combined and fits perfectly into my current wardrobe. In addition, everything can easily be spiced up with colorful pieces. Also, I already have matching fabrics for all of these garments in my stash.

1. Slim black pants made from my favorite pants pattern  #7 Knipmode January 2013.


2. Since I constantly wear the black and white striped longsleeve that I made last year , this favorite garment needs a little sister. As pattern I will use #112 Burda February 2010.


3. Pants with small graphic print, for which I will also use my favorite pants pattern.


4. Top with chevron pattern using the free Sorbetto pattern of Colette.


5. Blouson made from floral jersey with pattern 123 Burda April 2013.


6. Swinging black skirt using pattern 106 Burda May 2012, which I have used here before. Shortened again, but this time with the slanted pockets.


Slowly I should even start to think about my spring/summer wardrobe, because thanks to many remaining days of vacation from 2013, I will already to the US in the the middle of March for 2 week. There will already be summery temperatures even early in the season. So I will quickly stitch my transitional wardrobe and then I’m looking forward to creating my new spring/summer fashion .