The first Me-Made-Mittwoch of the new year and then it also happens to be the 1st January. Fortunately, the Me-Made-Mittwoch crew is nice to us and we don’t have to get up early today to put on some nice me-made clothes, do our hair and make-up. Instead we can just look through our finished sewing projects from last year and link to our favourite piece until the 7th January on the Me-Made-Mittwoch blog.

My favourite piece from 2013 is by far my black-white striped longsleeve with batwing sleeves. Even though the stripes don’t really match up at the sleeves and the sleeves are still a little too short, it’s the garment I’ve worn the most. It’s just super-comfortable and can be combined with many other pieces. As you can see below, it also made its appearance twice on the blog (just click on the picture to get to the original post). In reality, I have worn it so much more often but it would get kind of boring on here if I showed you the same striped longsleeve every single Wednesday. I’m already excited to see what your favorite me-made piece of 2013 is and will head quickly to the Me-Made-Mittwoch blog.