Today’s advent DIY was quite ill-fated. For a few days my sewing machine hasn’t been working and it took me a while to adjust to my replacement machine. In addition, I had imagined that sewing the mini stockings would be easier. However, it took me 3 tries to get them right and how I had imagined.
For today’s DIY project you will need some fabric remnants (cotton fabrics in patchwork quality work best) and wood clothespins. You can download the pattern for the stockings here.


1. Fold the fabric together, right sides facing and mark the pattern on the fabric. Cut the stocking shape out with 1 cm seam allowance. Additionally, cut from the contrasting fabric 2 rectangles with a width of 9 cm and a length of 12 cm incl. seam allowances.

2. Now sew one stocking piece with one rectangle together at the top. Then iron the seam apart.

3. Then pin both stocking pieces together and sew around it. Leave an opening at the top.
4. Trim the seam allowances, especially at the roundings. In addition, clip the seam allowance at the roundings.
5. Turn the stocking around through the opening at the top and iron it in shape.
6. Now fold the overlap over so that the seam is the top edge and the foldover hangs 3 cm down and you can fold the seam allowance 3 cm to the inside. Therefore the edge is stable, topstitch it from the inside with a regular or decorative stitch.
With the help of wooden clothespins I attached the mini stockings to a line. If you make 24 of them and add numbers, you could even use them as a advent calendar. Have fun with these mini stockings!