I had planned to use some felt that I had bought online for this fabric christmas tree. However, it turned out to be too thick and so I had to use fabric that I had in my stash. Luckily, I have plenty where that came from 😉


Besides a piece of fabric or felt, you will need some filling material and a wood stand. I bought the stand online but you can probably create one yourself, when you are more handy than me. In addition, you can decorate the fabric christmas tree with glass beads.


1. Fold the fabric together, right side facing and draw your desired christmas tree shape on it. Leave some seam allowance when cutting out the shape.
2. Pin both fabric layers together and sew along the lines of the christmas tree. Don’t forget to leave an opening at the bottom.
3. Cut back the seam allowances and clip at the roundings. Leave some more seam allowance at the opening.
4. Now fill the christmas tree with the filling material. Start with the top and work your way down filling the christmas tree with as much filling material as possible and until it is nicely shaped and rounded. You will be surprised how much filling material fits into such a small christmas tree.
5. Stick the wood stand into the christmas tree and add more filling material around it. Then close the opening around the wood stand by hand.
Now your fabric christmas tree is done and you can decorate it with glass beads. Happy 3rd advent!