For today’s tutorial you don’t even need to sew. You just need some felt, matching ribbon, a hole punch and scissors or a rotary cutter if you have one. Of course, you also need candles which you can wrap with the felt. Most suitable are straight candles, mine are conical which made wrapping them more difficult.
1. First, you need to measure your candle. Since mine is conical, I measured it at the top and bottom. To get a corseted gap between the felt, I substracted 2 cm from my measurements. In addition, you also have to measure how wide you want your sleeve to be.
2. Then draw the corresponding shape on your felt and cut it out with scissors or a rotary cutter.
3. Then draw in the holes for your lacing on one side. Punch out the holes with a hole punch.
4. Then fold your candle sleeve together and mark the holes on the other side. Also punch out these holes with a hole punch.
5. Afterwards, lace your sleeve and wrap it around your candle. Now enjoy the pretty candlelight!