I’m a big fan of Christmas and slowly I’m also getting into a Christmassy mood. I already drank the first mulled wine and attended the first Christmas party. At the beginning of December I usually start decorating my apartment, bake cookies and listen to Christmas music. To get even more into a Christmassy mood and maybe spread some for you, every advent Sunday I will post a small Christmas DIY-project with tutorial that you can easily make yoursel. Today you are getting a pretty and environmentally friendly alternative to wrapping paper: gift bags. Have fun with it!

1. Above you can see the pieces for my gift bag incl. 1 cm seam allowance. The finished bag has a height of 25 cm and a width of 20 cm with a turnover at the top of 7 cm. Those measurement can of course be adapted to any gift size.

2. Then fold your piece together along the long side with the right side on the inside. The fold will be the bottom of your bag. Pin the sides together and stitch them with a seam allowance of 1 cm. Neaten the seam allowances.

3. Iron the turnover on top 8 cm to the inside. Then tuck 1 cm under at the bottom edge so that your turnover has a finished width of 7 cm.

4. Afterwards pin the turnover with some pins and sew it down close to the edge.

5. Now you can turn your bag around and we get started on the drawstring. At the drawstring fold the small edges under twice and stitch them down.

6. Afterwards, fold down the edges of the long sides by 1 cm and iron them in place.

7. Pin the drawstring on top of the seam of the turnover. There will be a distance of 3 cm between the two ends of the drawstring. Sew close to the edge of the top and bottom of the drawstring.
8. Now you can pull a ribbon through the drawstring with a safety pin…and your gift bag is done!