Tartan checks are a returning fashion trend every fall/winter, just like maritime stripes during summer time. However, this fall/winter more check patterns than usual have walked the runways, are available in shops or have made their appearance on fashion blogs, so that it can be clearly named the print of the season. This season any kind of tartan pattern is allowed, from classic small checks to fashionable oversized ones. From casual lumberjack shirts to elegant business suits. And the best thing about checks, they never go out of style!


Fashion Trend - Tartan


I’m just as mad about plaid right now. Unfortunately, I noticed with horror that not a thing with this trendy pattern could be found in my wardrobe. As my current motto is to “do it myself” instead of buying new, I have also searched my fabric stash for any check patterns. As you can see below, I have found a few fabrics but the right one was nowhere to be found. For the fabric on the left, I do not have any matching colours in my closet, the one in the middle is too stiff for a classic blouse and of the silk fabric on the right I only have a very small piece. This small piece would be enough for a front piece but I’m missing a matching fabric for the back. Maybe I have to stop by my favourite fabric store when I’m visiting my parents for christmas. Nevertheless, I made a top from the fabric in the middle this weekend. Photos will follow during the next week. Are you also mad about plaid?