Also this weekend I stayed true to last week’s motto and sewed the easiest thing that you can wear… a loop scarf! And since we are already close to christmas, I made some more as gifts. Of course I can only show my gifts on here after christmas. Therefore you can make one for yourself or your loved ones, I made a little tutorial.


1. For a loop scarf you will need a piece of jersey with a length of approx. 80 cm (finished width of 40 cm) and the regular width of 140/150 cm. Of course, you can also piece together several smaller jersey pieces. How this might look like, you can see below. As a first step you need to pin the long sides together, right sides facing.
2. Then sew the seam with a small zigzag stitch and a seam allowance of 1.5 cm.
3. Afterwards the seam has to be ironed. First iron on the flat seam, this takes the tension and waviness off the seam and makes it easier to iron it apart. For ironing the seam apart, put the loop onto the sleeve board.
4. Then turn the loop to the right side and pin the small sides together right sides facing. Leave an opening of approx. 15 cm.
5. Sew the small sides together, securing the beginning and end of the seam.
6.  Also iron this seam apart as much as possible. Then pin the opening together and sew it close by hand. Take care that you don’t sew the front and back together.
And then your loop scarf is already done! Have fun wearing it!

With different materials on the inside and outside
With 3 different jersey materials