I made it and finished my Mini Wardrobe just in time, even though it was quite tight in the end. Without this contest I never would have finished so many garments in so little time. Since I have been gone during the last 2 weekends, it was very tight time wise and I had to simplify my garments.


Here an overview of the 4 pieces sewn (by clicking on the link you will get to the corresponding pattern review):

Dress Burda 08-2012-102

Longsleeve Burda 09-2011-108

Skirt Burda 05-2012-119

Blazer Knipmode 02-2012-02

I could combine these 4 garments to the 6 outfits shown above. My plan to sew a fall mini wardrobe that I can also wear to work, has really paid off. In addition, this challenge has shown me that I can easily squeeze 1 to 2 hours of sewing time in during the evenings even after a busy day at work. However, I should do the cutting and more demanding sewing tasks during the weekend when I have more time. Once cut, it can’t be undone. Let’s see whether I will keep the sewing during the week up in the future. How do you keep it with the sewing? Are you only sewing during the weekend or do you manage also to get some done during the week?