In August sewing magazines traditionally publish the new fall fashion and also stores are pushing the leftover summer fashion to the side to make space for the latest fall trends. Hight time also for us sewists to start thinking about our personal fall collection. After all it is not as easy and quick as running to the store and buying something. That’s why the Mini Wardrobe Challenge of Pattern Review came just at the right time for me. The challenge during the month of September and the goal is to sew 4 garments within these 4 weeks which can be combined to 4 outfits (without additional garments). My personal challenge was to use only fabrics that I already had in my stash and to only sew garments that I had already planned on sewing.
My Mini Wardrobe consists of a black-white striped longsleeve with kimono sleeves made from viscose jersey (pattern 108 Burda 09/2011), a dress made from black cotton-elastane twill (pattern 102 Burda 08/2012), a blazer made from rust coloured corduroy velvet which is in reality much nicer than on the picture (pattern 2 Knipmode 02/2012). From this corduroy fabric I will also sew a matching skirt (pattern 119 Burda 05/2012).


My sewing plan for the next 4 weeks looks like this:
  • 8th of September – Longsleeve and skirt are done
  • 15th of September – The dress is done
  • 29th of September – The blazer is also finished
On the paper this looks quite manageable, however it will be more difficult in reality, because I will be away the last 2 weekends. This means that I have to accomplish as much as possible during the first weeks, I will have to sew in the evenings after work and might have to take the sewing machine with me when I’m away. So keep your fingers crossed that I can finish this challenge. Are you taking part in the Mini Wardrobe Challenge or another challenge?