Today I’m wearing the second garment of my Mini Wardrobe Challenge. You might have already noticed that I’m loving stripes in any shape. However, I was missing a longsleeve with black-white stripes in my wardrobe. About time to sew one. You can find more information about the pattern used below. More Me Made Mittwoch outfits as usual on the corresponding blog.



Jacket: Zara
Longsleeve: me-made Burda pattern 108 September 2011
Hose: Grain de Malice
Scarf: H & M
Bag: Fossil
Booties: 5th Avenue


Pattern: Burda #108 09/2011

Difficulty: ●○○○○

Size: 36 (my usual size)


Sewing time incl. cutting: Around 3 hours.


Costs: I bought this viscose jersey at the infamous Maybachufer in Berlin for 3 €/m. With a consumption of 1.5 m this results in 4.50 € total.


Pattern review: Very easy to sew, only the stripe matching took some time (even though it did somehow not work at the sleeves). Unfortunately, the sleeves are way too short. Since I did not have a lot of hem allowance, I could only lengthen them by 2 cm. But another 2 cm would not have been bad. In contrast to this, the bodice is quite long and I shortened it by 8 cm.


Pattern modification: I shortened the bodice by 8 cm. Next time I will cut the sleeves 4 cm longer.


Conclusion: Super easy and fast sewing, perfect for sewing basics. Unfortunately, one needs more fabric than usual with 1.5 m for this pattern but the comfortable fit is totally worth it! I will definitely use this pattern again.