Not too long ago, I could use a visit to my parents to jump by my favourite fabric store JP Stoff Export. The fabric store is located in a warehouse building in Mörfelden close to Frankfurt. Every time I enter this unremarkable building, I’m overwhelmed by the masses of fabric that are waiting inside. Bolts of fabrics stacked on top of each other. If you prefer a well organized store, you will absolutely hate it. But I love to dive into the masses of fabric for treasures. Because here you can still get good qualities for a relatively low price and every time I leave with a full bag. There are 2 more stores in Frankfurt and Mainz-Kastell and lately, they have even opened an onlineshop, which is fortunately not very filled by now.
Of course, I also went away with several beauties, even though I did not find everything that’s been on my very long list. With the taupe and coral blouse fabric (6 €/m) I want to make a double layer top. The offwhite cotton satin (7 €/m) will be turned into a skirt with some lace fabric that is already in my stash. The fabric with the trendy graphic pattern (8 €/m) is meant for a pair of slim pants. The previous fabrics have been on my list, but I also had to get a metre of this digital print for a skirt even though it was not that cheap with 12 €. You can find these and many more fabrics at the fabric stash page. I plan on collecting all my fabrics there so I can see what I have at one glance. How do you keep track of your fabric stash?