Do you know the feeling when you are halfway done with a DIY-project, try it on and don’t want to take it off anymore because you love it so much? When you have to force yourself to take it off so you can actually finish it? That’s basically what happened with this skirt. I had tried on all possible outfit variations before I had even sewn in the zipper. But at first it was not even that easy to squeeze this skirt out of the meager 1 m of fabric that I had. In the end I cut the pieces in all different directions, done exactly what you should not be doing. Thanks to the flashy print this is not noticeable. Inspiration was again a picture on Pinterest.



T-Shirt: Zara
Rock: me-made Burdastyle pattern 106 May 2012 (more info below)
Belt: Paul & Joe Sister
Bag: Fossil
Shoes: bought at French market


[stextbox id=”grey”]Pattern: Burdastyle pattern 106 May 2012

Difficulty: ●●○○○

Size: 36 (my usual size)[/stextbox]


Sewing time incl. cutting: Around 5 hours.


Costs: I got this eyecatching flower print cheaply as a leftover for 2 €/m. With a consumption of 1 m and 1 invisible zipper this results in 3 € altogether.


Pattern review: The sewing of the skirt was quite easy, because I simplified the pattern (see pattern modification). I cut my regular size 36 and the fit was perfect from the beginning on.
Pattern modification: I shortened the pattern a lot to a length of 50 cm measured from the waist. In addition, I left off the button placket and welt pockets but added my usual inseam pockets.
Conclusion: I’m glad that I could cut this skirt from this small piece of fabric. The pattern has a really great fit and so I can easily imagine making this skirt again. Maybe next time with welt pockets and button closure?


I’m wishing you all a great Sunday and a good start into the new week! More DIY fashion as usual at the Sweet Summer Sewing.