Thanks a lot for your nice comments regarding my wide skirt! Now as promised the tutorial how you can easily create such a skirt yourself. Due to its shaped waistband this skirt fits better than similar ones with a straight waistband. Because a skirt is never complete for me without pockets, I added some inseam pockets. An invisible zip in the center back makes the wearing of this skirt easy. Let’s get started with the pattern construction:

For this tutorial you will need a basic skirt sloper that fits you perfectly. If you don’t have one yet, you can find a tutorial for creating your own here.
  1. Decide how wide you want your waistband to be. Mine is 4 cm wide so I drew a line 4 cm parallel to the waist line of the basic skirt sloper.  



  2. Now cut the waistband apart from the skirt along the newly created line. Also cut the dart away. Then close the darts and redraw the curve of the waistband making sure that it is 4 cm wide at each point.


  3. You don’t need actual pattern pieces for your skirt since they are simply rectangles. The width of the skirt piece should be double the width of the waistband, so that you have enough width for gathering. When calculating your rectangles, you have to take care that the front waistband and the front skirt are cut at the fold. This means that the front skirt is double the width of the complete front waistband. Because the back is cut with a seam in the center back for the zipper, you have to cut 2 back skirt pieces with double the width of 1/2 the back waistband. And don’t forget to add seam allowances to all edges. For the pocket pieces I simply drew around my hand, you can find a tutorial for this here.



I hope that you liked my tutorial and that it was understandable. Suggestions, comments and questions are always welcome! I would also love to know, when you have used this tutorial to DIY your own wide skirt 🙂