I have been bad and bought fabric even though my fabric stash is exploding and I will very probably never be able to use all that fabric. I got weak at Stoffe.de and you can see the result here:


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The two fabrics on the left side are leftover pieces. The blue and white striped cotton fabric is meant for a wide skirt. The black-beige viscose jersey with a batik ikat pattern is supposed to become a dress. When buying the grey-beige-black striped jersey I first thought of dress but now I think that I will sew a casual jersey jacket from it. The dark blue jersey will be used for several sewing projects. In addition, I got a free issue of My Image from 2011. Even though the magazine is not new, there are still many pretty patterns inside. In case that you are interested in its content, you can find an online issue here. Let’s hope that I will use up these fabrics faster than the other fabrics that have been in fabric stash for a while.


What do you actually do with the fabrics that you will never use up? Sell? Swap? I certainly need some ideas what I can do with my surplus of fabrics.