In the absence of summer one has to wear some cheerful clothing to get into a summery mood. Somehow nobody looks into my face when I’m wearing these pants…they only pay attention to my legs. Well, there are worse things 😉 You can check out more me-made outfits on the me-made-mittwoch blog. Afterwards the me-made-mittwoch will be on a summer break for 2 month.


Denim blouse: H & M
Pants: Me-Made Knipmode January 2013 pattern 7 (more info below)
Shoes: Deichmann
Bag: Fossil


[stextbox id=”grey”]Pattern: Knipmode January 2013  #7

Difficulty: ●●○○○

Size: 36 (my usual size)[/stextbox]


Sewing time incl. cutting: Around 5 hours.


Costs: I also got this cotton/elastane with flower print cheaply from a supplier for 2 €/m. With a consumption of 1.5 m of cotton fabric for 6 €/m and 1 pant zipper this results in 5 € altogether.


Pattern review:  The sewing of the pants was quite easy, because I simplified the pattern (see pattern modification). To achieve the perfect fit of pants is always difficult, that’s why I was really happy when the pants fit almost perfectly from beginning on.


Pattern modification: I left off the zipper pockets in the front and also the zippers at the hem. Altogether I shortened the pants by 4 cm. Due to my hollow back, I had to take quite a lot of the center back. That’s why I always cut the waistband with a seam in the back. Otherwise, the pants fit perfectly from the beginning on.


Conclusion:  I’m glad that I finally found a good fitting pattern for a slim pant. After changing the pattern according to my modifications, I can see me sewing many variations of these pants.